How can I get a new key?

Please get in touch with us sales@hellobicycle.com.my. You can order a new key from us by giving the number of the key via the CodeCard or by presenting a master key.

Is the production number of the lock sufficient to order a new key?

The number on the lock is its production number. For security seasons, it is not possible to order a key by giving this number. You must provide the key code which you should keep in a safe place immediately after buying the lock.

Can I order a new key without a key or key number?

It is absolutely imperative that you present a master key or have the key number. Regrettably, a new key cannot be made for you without this information, even by ABUS.

My combination lock no longer opens, the combination code has shifted. Can you open the lock?

The ABUS combination mechanism is extremely complicated and secure. That's why your combination lock cannot be opened without knowing the programmed code – even by ABUS.

Can I order directly from ABUS?

ABUS specialised on development and manufacture for many years now. When it comes to sales and service,  we are traditionally the specialist dealer.

I would like to have multiple locks that can be opened with a single key. Is this possible?

This is possible with the following ABUS locks: ABUS nos.:46, 47, 51, 54, 61, 64, 885, 894, 895, 896, 1000, 1010, 1025, 1050, 1060, 6000. 
You can order as many as you need from us.

The key no longer turns properly and catches or gets stuck in the lock. What should I do?

To look after the lock and keep it turning easily, use a lock spray and lubricate the lock. We recommend our PS 88 lock spray. You can use commonly available resin-free lubricants for ABUS Plus and ABUS X-Plus cylinders.

Were can I get replacement parts such as helmet visors, locks etc?

ABUS provides a comprehensive replacement parts service. Please order the parts that you require from us.

Are lock holders available separately?

A lock holder can be fitted later in almost all cases. You can buy them separately from us.

If you still have some question please contact us: